A Look Inside the Ju 388 Fuselage

Via the bomb bay, which held the camera equipment of the Ju 388 L-1, one can get into the rear part of the fuselage starting Spant (rib) 15a. This area contains most of the radio equipment. The image below shows the at first sight confusing installation of equipment in the fuselage. This is the view one gets looking in the direction of the tail from rib 16. The "17" in the top left corner of the photo shows part of rib 17. Visible on the upper right hand side is part of the fuel-powered Kärcher heater used for de-icing of both tail and camera equipment with hot air.  From it, an insulated hot air pipeline runs to the tail of the aircraft. Above the insulated pipeline, another pipeline belonging to the fast fuel draining is visible. A click on different areas of the image will open enlarged views with additional information (German only at present). 

On the left hand side, there are the two ammunition boxes which were used to store 300 shots each. From the boxes, two ammunitios belt guideways supply the two MG 131 in the remote controlled tail gun turret FHL 131 Z. Behind the ammunition boxes, there is a frame on the  right fuselage wall (in flight direction, hence left in the photo) where most of the radiotelephone equipment is installed. The FuG 10 antenna, together with the AAG 3, can be found on the left fuselage wall between ribs 19  and 20.

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