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By courtesy of Ronnie Olsthoorn, the Ju 388 Website is able to offer a very accurate TrueType font including the codes used on German aircraft in WW II. Click here to download

Blockschrift für Flugzeuge (6 kB)

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The following links are a collection of excellent sites and pages on the Luftwaffe, which offer content mainly based on their own research (and not "only" compilations of books or websites). Since I have no influence on the content of these webpages, I won't take any responsibility if you don't like these pages.

Luftwaffe Archives & Records Reference Group

An outstanding project, the purpose of which is collecting information on Luftwaffe material in archives worldwide. Definitely a page every aviation historian should know! is one of the best Me 262 pages on the Internet. It features professional Design and excellent contents. I especially like the Werknummer database and the pages on the "Watson Whizzers".

Preserved Axis Aircraft by Mikael Olrog

On Mikael's pages, you could find infos on where to look for remaining Luftwaffe and axis aircraft of WW II. For most preserved aircraft, there was at least one photo. Fortunately, this site is now hosted by the Classic Wings magazine.

Luft '46

An absolute must for all project fans! Apart from in-depth information on projects  (and partially on prototypes which were actually built, like the Ju 287 and the Ju 488), there are some highly interesting computer-generated images of the planned aircraft which look almost real!

Luftfahrt-Archiv Hafner

High quality reprints of genuine Luftwaffe manuals and many other technical documents on aircraft, enginges and other Luftwaffe equipment from 1930 - 1945. by Ronnie Olsthoorn

Very nice new site with Luftwaffe (and other) aviation art, mainly projects. The Blohm & Voss Bv 141 is just gorgeous, you must have seen this!

Luftwaffe Aviation Art by Simon Schatz

Great Luftwaffe profiles & model site with lots of profiles and model photos. Simon's profiles and model photos can now also be found at

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