A Map on the Ju 388 Production

I created this map to give you an overview of the places where te Ju 388 was produced. Known production locations have red names. The country names (green) and borders are those of today, Deutschland = Germany, Polen = Poland and Tschechische Republik = Czech Republic. Towns in Poland and the Czech Republic still bear their old German names. This was done for the sake of clarity and readability and is not intended to be a political statement of any sort.

In Dessau, where the main Junkers factory was, the prototypes were built. The 560 series was produced by Weser at their Liegnitz plant, and ATG manufactured the 340 series at Leipzig-Mockau and Leipzig-Seehausen, while these aircraft were flown in at Altenburg.
Kölleda near Weimar, where many ATG aircraft were also flown in, is missing in this map. 

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